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White’s in West Virginia

To add on to the previous post, I guess one of the other bonus questions was do I think that they were putting on a show for the documentary or do I think they really act like that. 

I think that the events that happened were true but I think there reactions to them once they happened were probably worked up a little bit since it was their moment in the light. I hope to God that people don’t actually conduct themselves to that extreme.

The wild and wonderful Whites of West Virginia

In the documentary about the White family living in west Virginia, it depicts all of the drugs, alcohol, and idiotic behaviors that they practice. The question I was asked was; Does the documentary show or fulfill the stereotypes of the Appalachian Mountain people?

I think that there isn’t one definitive answer to the question because some stereotypes are proven well and others are completely irrelevant, but if you want my opinion (can’t stress that enough), yes they fit a large quantity of stereotypes.

First, lets look at how they appear to society…. this should be fun. So upon first appearance you see the fat, sloppy, dirty, and usually over weight members of the family. This fits one of the stereotypes in my mind perfectly because when I think of rednecks I think of exactly how they look; dirty, raggedy, missing a couple of black teeth to match the rest, smoking a ridiculous amount of cigarets, and basically living off of coke or pepsi. I am suppose to give specific evidence for my teacher that will be looking this over but, come on, the entire documentary is specific evidence.

Second, the stereotype of doing stupid shit for reasons that are practically nonexistent in regular society. Decisions like stabbing an ex-husband for sleeping with your cousin, the decision to sleep with your wife’s cousin, the decision to sleep with your cousin’s husband, all perfect examples. But wait, there’s more!!! Not only does all of that sound completely irrational but those maniacal idiots had children, and while having those children they crush and snort prescription medication, smoke an abundance of weed, juice up on heroin from time to time for an extra buzz, and then (here is the kicker) they can’t figure out “why in the good lords name” that Child Protective Services would step in and take the kids…… Is this even real life anymore?

Lastly, the simplest of stereotypes in the documentary in my opinion was the fact the one of the couples got married in a grocery store by someone working at the pharmacy… ya ill say it again. MARRIED IN A GROCERY STORE… BY A PHARMACIST. They told the story that they were both sufficiently fucked up on pills and probably some high quality malt liquor. They ran out of drugs to snort or whatever they were doing with them and went to the grocery store to get more where I can only imagine their thought process going a little like this; “Hey, you know what we should do? Get married in the flower department of the grocery story. Hell we can honey moon in the DVD section. Ahhh what the hell, lets make it special and get a bluray. Then we can take body shots of miller high life off of each other, I hear it’s the champaign of beers”.

Anyway, in conclusion, yes I think they fit few stereotypes.





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